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Is Your Heart Flat-Lined?

Many of us have experienced disheartening after disheartening experiences...Failed Relationships... Lack of true Abundance of Money and Resources... Projects and Life Missions that haven't been fulfilled, etc. Does any of this resonate? 
Your heart's ELECTROMAGNETIC energy MUST be Activating in order to even align and with with the Law of Attraction

Module 1 Activation

These Activations, Experiential Tools and Clearings are being provided in a very planned and systematic way that will assist you in:
1) Coming Back into Alignment with Your Soul Matrix Destiny
2) Be Aligned with the Vibrations of your Heart' Electromagnetic Energies for Creating and even aligning with the Law of Attraction

Deborah Pietsch

Through the asset of Telepathic Communication and being an Activator.
Deb is sharing publicly what she’s been working on multi-dimensionally "behind the scenes" for the last 5+ years; A Contingency Plan for Humanity's Great Awakening.
This Contingency Plan is part of the reason Jack Kennedy (JFK) engaged communication in 2013.

Review the 9 Categories on
These 9 categories will continue to have information added to them
to further assist you with your Awakening, the Contingency Plan, the GodWave and Much More!
Visceral Alchemical Transformation
The Downward Spiral of the Deception Matrix has created a tremendous amount of separation from our True Essence Soul Matrix and Heart's Desires.

What's Possible ... Visceral Alchemical Transformation like you've never experienced before now.
A Contingency Plan
One of the strongest messages I've been asked (by our Beings of Light Strategic Partners) to bring forth at this time, is this:  "Most of humanity is not prepared for what is about to occur upon the surface of Mother Earth..." There are ways to prepare, along with solutions & tools to engage with.
Remember... We ARE In This Together
“Deb is the real deal. You won’t BE the same or experience yourself the same after you begin experiencing her powerful Activations, evolved conscious wisdom and incredibly detailed telepathic communications”
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I was asked by our “multi-dimensional team” to share this Gift to Humanity.  It is a very, very  powerful channeled & coded message from “Melchezidek with a Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activation”.  The guidance was to ONLY make this available to people who are willing and wanting to PRO-ACTIVELY ENGAGE.

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